Why I started a candle business during quarantine and how it's going.

If you are taking the time to read this, thank you.

How it began.. 

My desire to create candles first started from my own personal love of candles, always having them lit in my home for any occasion. There is something I find satisfying about watching the candle flame dance, it's a meditative trance that feels so calming and comforting. However, it was challenging for me to find the right candles. Some would give me headaches after burning for a couple hours or smell like cheap perfume. Sometimes the fragrance combinations would be so overpowering and to be honest, I am not the person that only burns one at a time, so eventually I would end up blowing them out or giving them away.  Then to end up yet again, on the candle search. I went back and forth trying this and that, even using unscented candles, only to end up having a house smell like petroleum and soot covered walls.

This led me to the candle world. I decided that I was going to make my own candles. I will make candles the way I like them, clean burning, luxury candles with real, fresh, clean fragrances that do not cost hundreds of dollars. I thought, "How hard can this be? All you do is just melt wax and put a wick in, let it cure and light it up, right?" Boy was I naive! After multiple attempts and trying to figure out the wax to fragrance ratio's, the vessels, wicks and melting to the right temperature, stirring for a couple minutes, then finally pour.  After completely bombing my first batch and several batches following, I realized, and was completely surprised, on how much went into the process of making candles. I mistakenly thought I could just watch a couple YouTube video's, join the candle facebook groups and I would be good to go. I was completely wrong. It's truly a science. So many types of wax are used: paraffin, soy, coconut, beeswax, coconut + soy, beeswax + coconut, coconut + apricot, and the list goes on. The wicks, don't even get me started on the wicks.  It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Ending up down the internet rabbit hole of too much information. Each type (cotton, hemp, wooden) come with many different styles, thickness and sizes: CD, CDN, ECO, LX, HTP, zinc, crackle, whisper, tube and spiral, just to name a few.  In addition, with each wick there are several styles for different waxes and fragrance oils. believe it, the list goes on. Each fragrance oil needs to be tested tried and true with each vessel size with the type of wax. Months upon months go into testing and retesting. I even went onto Facebook and joined a few candle makers groups for advice or input. WOW! Let's just say these groups reminded me of mom's groups when the topics are bottle vs. breast feeding or vax and anti-vax groups going battle. Let's just say it was quite entertaining to watch the newly joined people ask a question that the old timers have answered probably a hundred plus times, and it was time to grab the popcorn. For me, it was hours of entertainment during quarantine.

Full transparency, I never realized how much goes into this craft. Choosing the right wax blend, testing different wicks, fragrances, the vessel, it all plays an important role in how the candle burns. I couldn't believe how many months of burn tests, power burns and retesting it took. Needless to say, months upon months of my own trial and error, testing different numerous waxes from several companies, purchasing fragrance oils from more suppliers than I would like to admit, I finally found it.  A coconut wax blend is the one for me. It's clean burning, sustainable with minimal to no soot. I found fragrances infused with essential oils from around the globe that are reminiscent of childhood memories at the sandy beach, spring time, being in nature, crushed pine cones and fir needles, rose gardens, the smell of the ocean after a storm, clean beautiful fragrances and essential oils.

In the end, my love and deep desire for candles that inspire, smell luxurious and sophisticated, developed into this passion project of mine. Hand poured, hand crafted candles inspired by real people and places I love. All of our candles are created with integrity and a sprinkle of magic. My love and passion for candles can now be shared with everyone. 

Luna Mountain Candles, where illumination meets strength, intentions meet insight, and dreams become manifested. Wishing you Love & Light, and a mountain of strength.

With gratitude,

Stephanie, founder and owner of Luna Mountain Candles 

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