A single mom with an intention and a dream of starting her own business that turned into a reality

It started with a single mother with an intention, and a dream that turned into reality. 

My love and deep desire for candles that inspire, smell luxurious, illuminate elegance and sophistication developed into this passion project of mine. Hand poured, hand crafted candles inspired by real people and places I love. All of our candles are created with integrity and a sprinkle of magic. My love and uncompromising attention to detail has evolved into a passion for candles that can now be shared with everyone.

Luna Mountain Candles, where illumination meets strength, intentions meet insight, and dreams become manifested. Wishing you Love & Light, and a mountain of strength.

With gratitude...

Stephanie, a yoga lover, candle maker, crystal obsessed, moon lover, intention setting, manifesting mama, the owner of Luna Mountain Candles LLC, a female founded company.