Collection: Moon Treasure Candles

Let the healing stone intuitively find you. What kind of energy are you trying to harness in or release and let go of? Using the Moon's powerful energy and the magic of the moon, your candle will be created just for you. These powerful candles are created in small batches and are created only during specific phases of the moon. 

Your moon treasure candle will be created using special limited edition vessels and unique essential oil infused fragrances.

These specialty candles are only opened and available to order for a small window of time right before each New Moon. Once orders are placed, each candle will be created on the New Moon for you to burn on the Full Moon for letting go and releasing. 

Tap into your intuitive ability. Harness your own power and each time you burn the candle, your soul will start to release things. The magic of the candle driven by the element of fire, represents transformation. As the wick burns down, feel the lightness of what you are releasing burn away and release that energy into the universe. When your candle has completely burned down, you will have your treasure, your stone that intuitively found you. 

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