Using intention candles for manifesting for what we want to attract in our lives

The intentions we set are pathway's to create what we want to manifest or experience in our lives. Intention candles can bring inspiration and healing in, by attracting what we desire or want. An intention directed focus you wish to live by or achieve and are used to amplify and release energy into the universe.  It's not just about thinking or wanting, it's about focus and doing the actions to achieve the end goal. Lighting the candle, envision the intention and truly feel it has happened.  Not just a "wish" for it to happen. This sends a signal from our thoughts out into to the universe by using your subconscious and conscious mind. Light the candle, tap into that feeling of what you want to experience. Take a deep breath, meditate and envision what you desire as if you already have it or as if it has already happened. Feel it, see it, believe it and experience it as it has truly already happened within your heart, mind and soul. Think if it as this, the thought or intention plants the seed by sending it into the universe and the manifestation is the tool that brings the creation to life.

Our intentions, thoughts, and feelings must all be in alignment for manifesting. The combination of a clear intention and an elevated emotion can turn a possibility into a reality.  You must believe in your heart that it has already happened.  When we can feel it, and see it in our mind, we are sending it into the universe as if it has already happened. The more we believe it, feel it, the greater the energy we send to draw it into our lives. Every time you light the candle, it's a symbol of igniting your intention through the flame. The magic of the candle driven by the element of fire, represents transformation. It illuminates the intention and releases it out to the universe. 

You have the ability to create the life you most deeply desire.

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